FurtherDance FW motto

FurtherDance Fort Worth is a community of dance artists coming together to further dance in Fort Worth.

We seek to foster community, professional development, and service within the Fort Worth contemporary dance landscape.

Mission (what we want to do)

Equip our dance community to better serve Fort Worth

Purpose (why we are here)

To position our dance community to engage, serve, and impact greater Fort Worth

Objectives (what [exactly] do we want to do)

FurtherDance Fort Worth strives to…

…create and enhance community among Fort Worth dance professionals by providing networking events and collaborative opportunities.

…foster professional development by producing new (and promoting existing) avenues for training, creative research, and performance for Fort Worth dance educators, choreographers, performers, and other dance artists and professionals.

…establish and support opportunities for Fort Worth dance professionals to serve, engage and impact the greater Fort Worth community using unique outreach efforts, low-cost performances, and innovative services.

Our Board Members

From left to right: Alex Karigan Farrior, Kimberly Campos, Laura Barbee, Josie Baldree, Ruben Gerding, Frieda Austin, Natalie Bracken, Hannah Ernest Requa, Ashanti Williams, Ann-Marie Heilman, Sheyna Ferraro.