4 Reasons to buy a FurtherDance T-shirt

Yesterday we launched our Booster t-shirt campaign to help us raise funds for our professional level class series as well as future classes and FurtherDance’s operating costs (including insurance payments, teacher rates, website and PO box fees, etc.).

Here’s a preview of what our women’s shirt will look like:

fdfw booster t-shirt womens


In case you’re not already convinced to buy one of our shirts, here are 4 reasons you should consider supporting us:

1. You love our classes and want more!

We pay our teachers, we maintain liability insurance, we sometimes have fees associated with studio spaces, and all of that adds up to bills, some of which need to be paid year round. Our class participants’ purchases cover some of these costs, but not all of them, and we certainly can’t do more than we’re doing right now without more funds. Purchasing a t-shirt will raise funds that will make it easier for us to plan more classes.

2.  You’re not a dancer, but you want to support us anyway.

Hi Mom!  Seriously though, we think people like you are super cool. You can support us AND get a super awesome t-shirt.

3. You want to support Fort Worth dance!

We try our best to support Fort Worth dancers in a variety of ways. We offer classes to give dance professionals a chance to take from master teachers and meet one another. We promote a variety of companies, dance professionals, and dance events on our social media channels in an effort to bring light to existing dance opportunities in our area. We hope to create more dance events in the future (on our short list is a Fort Worth Dance Festival, professional development events and opportunities geared toward dancers, as well as networking nights to encourage collaboration among dance artists and professionals in the community). Supporting us helps us do these things in the future that will cultivate the Fort Worth dance community.

4. You want a comfy t-shirt.

Us too. In fact, we really just wanted to make a t-shirt and thought “hey, maybe other people might want them too?” And we’re nice enough to offer a unisex option as well as a ladies V-neck, so everyone can find something they like. You’re welcome.

All joking aside, we hope you’ll help support us. If you want to support but aren’t interested in the t-shirt you can also make a donation.

Buy a FurtherDance Fort Worth shirt!

Thanks for helping us keep Fort Worth Dancing!

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons to buy a FurtherDance T-shirt

  1. Amy Bramlett

    Come do another branch called Further Dance Hot Springs!! I wish I could come and dance with yall! If any of you would like to come choreograph or teach my 7th-12th graders please let me know!


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