North Texas Dance Educators, Take Class With Us!

I have been a dance educator here in the metroplex for over 14 years. During those years I (along with all of the other dance educators) have struggled to find local professional development. Not only do I require these hours to renew my certification every 5 years but I also require these hours to remain a successful teacher. As educators it is important to stay active in our field. We must constantly be keep up with progress in technique and teaching styles. One of my biggest fears as an educator is that I will not fully prepare my students for what lies ahead. If I am preparing them to attend some of the top college dance programs in the US then I need to continue to progress in my own technique and methods. Even my students who plan on pursuing other careers post high school deserve to receive the most current and enriched dance experience possible. In addition to my responsibility to the students, I have a responsibility to myself. What better way to stay refreshed and energized than to receive professional development?

So, there is no question that this professional development is necessary but where can I get it? This is where Further Dance Fort Worth wants to step in and help. FurtherDance’s mission is to “equip our dance community to better serve Fort Worth” and providing professional development for dance educators fits perfectly in this statement.

In January we will begin our annual Winter Master Class Series. This series offers four technique classes from local professionals. Participating in these classes will not only engage you physically, but mentally as well. What better way to hear and apply successful teaching strategies than being in the class yourself with a local professional. Each class is 90 minutes in length, so by participating in all four you can earn 6 professional development hours. These professional level classes are for dancers who are 18 years of age and older. Although to a non-dance educator that statement may not seem important, but to those of us dancers in the area that are 18 years or older, we know that this is something hard to find. Unless you are currently performing with a group that offers regular classes, non-beginner adult dance classes are hard to find. Further Dance exists to fill that void.

Earming these hours and feeding your dancer soul is easy to do. Visit to see the schedule, purchase your classes and request your completion certificate to keep for your records. This certificate can be used as documentation for your professional development hours. FurtherDance Fort Worth believes in and support local dance educators. We are beyond thrilled to help all of you earn your hours and stay rejuvenated in your process of sharing the love of dance with the youth in the metroplex!

-Sheyna Ferraro is on faculty in Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts‘ dance department, director of the Academy Dance Company, and is director of Texas Dance Conservatory.

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