Parking for class at TCU’s School for Classical & Contemporary Dance

We have class at TCU dance studios (Erma Lowe Hall, Home of the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance) on Friday!  Here’s some valuable information about Parking for this class!

Pssst! Class is with Joy Atkins Bollinger, founding dancer with Bruce Wood Dance Project!!! Want to buy your class for Friday?  Find info here!

There is a parking lot behind Erma Lowe Hall, but we cannot use it since it will be designated for TCU student move in ONLY.

However, since our class is after 5PM, there are several lots that we are able to use that are normally permit only.  TCU Police is allowing us to park in any lot between Rogers and Stadium (which run north to south) and Bellaire Dr. N and Berry (which run east to west). You may park in spots that are designated “reserved” unless a sign notes that they are reserved 24 hours/day. Please see the map below for more information (parking highlighted in pink, dance studios highlighted in yellow).

Parking info

Please arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to park and get into the studio. Enter through the doors that face the parking lot behind Erma Lowe Hall.

See you in Class!


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