FurtherDance Friday Teacher Application

Interested in teaching class for FurtherDance Friday?

Thank you for your interest!

Email furtherdance@gmail.com, subject line “FurtherDance Friday Teacher Application.”

Attach a resume and headshot or dance shot (please include the photo credit).
Include any information in your resume that  is relevant to the class you will be teaching (teaching experience, training, degrees and/or certifications, relevant performance or choreographic experience)

In the body of the email include the following:

Your Name:
Your title:
Title/style of class:

We will use this info to promote your class, so please write responses exactly how you wish your class to be promoted.

Example Application

Your Name: Susan James
Your title: Dance faculty member at Fort Worth School of Dance
Title/style of class: Modern Dance

Please keep in mind that we are not able to accommodate all requests to teach class. Once we have reviewed your application we will respond with more information regarding potential class dates and other pertinent information.

Incomplete Applications will not be accepted nor receive a response.