FurtherDance Friday Teacher FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I be teaching?
We market our classes to attract dancers that have collegiate or conservatory-level training and/or professional dance experience. We require that participants are 18 years or older, and we expect that any dancer attending class have the experience to handle an advanced or professional level class and/or modify movements and exercises for their body as needed. 
This is a new offering for us, and we’re excited to work toward building a community of Fort Worth and North Texas dancers that is inclusive of a wide variety of dance professionals. We hope we have classical and contemporary dancers, teachers and performers, choreographers and enthusiasts that take class. 

How much does the class cost?
Participants will pay $10 to attend your class. We have a rewards program that allows participants to pay $5 for every 5th class that they take, however this discount will not affect your compensation.

How will people find out about my class?
We publish a calendar of teachers on our website and announce each week’s teacher on our Facebook page. We will also send out a biweekly email announcing the upcoming teachers. We have developed a strong following within the Fort Worth dance community and our founders and board members will be utilizing their personal contacts to get the word out.

Of course, the more participants you attract the more you get paid, so feel free to market your class to your own contacts by sharing our posts on Facebook or reaching out to your friends and followers individually via email or other forms of social media. When posting or emailing about our class please make sure that you include the following:

hosted by FurtherDance Fort Worth
18 and older only
$10 paid at the door by check, cash, or card (arrive 15 minutes early to pay)

What should I teach?
Your choice! You will indicate what you plan to teach on the teacher application. We will review this application and make sure that it fits in with the interests of the community. If we are unsure of your choice we will let you know and discuss your idea in more detail.

We’d love for you to teach a class that shows off your strengths as a teacher, dancer, movement professional, or choreographer.

If you are interested in teaching a movement practice class (Pilates, yoga, etc.) we expect that you have all necessary certifications and trainings and will highlight that on your resume/application.

How long is the class?
90 minutes. If for some reason your class requires a different length of time please indicate this on your application and we will accommodate your request if at all possible.

When and where will I teach?
Once we review your teacher application we will send you a list of dates that are currently open. Reply quickly with your preferred date, and we will confirm with you and get it on the calendar.

All classes are on Friday nights, 6:30-8PM. Classes take place at the Arlington Heights High School dance studio.

I have a question that’s not answered here.
Please email us your question at furtherdance@gmail.com. We will respond as soon as possible.