Want to talk Dance? Us too!

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Hanging out with friends of FurtherDance after our class in June

A few months ago, I was driving back from a performance with one of my friends, and we started talking about what we saw. And then we caught up with another pair of friends that had also been to the performance, and we talked some more. About what we saw, what we thought, which dancers we envied for their utter brilliance. It was enlightening to hear other perspectives, helpful to discuss the things that had us still thinking, and of course it was also just wonderful to talk dance with people who know and love dance.

One of my friends said, “We should do this more often.”

And so we are.

We were very excited to learn about Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth’s upcoming performance, CD/FW Dance Exchange: A Choreographer’s Showcase at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This performance is the culmination of the month-long 11th annual Modern Dance Festival at the Modern, and features Bill Evans Dance Company as well as work by CD/FW executive and artistic director, Kerry Kreiman (and one of our teachers for our Back to Class Series in August!), and many other DFW area choreographers and dancers.

A NY company joining in with area dancers on the same performance in one of the most beautiful venues in Fort Worth? FurtherDance is in!

So, we’ll be at the July 25th performance, which begins at 8PM in the Grand Lobby of the Modern. Admission is Free! After the performance we’d love it if you’d take a short walk with us over to Fred’s Texas on Currie St. Grab a drink or a burger and sit and chat with us about what you saw, or just make some new friends and enjoy a warm Texas night.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on joining us!

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